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couples counseling, marriage counselingWhat Is Gottman Method Couples Therapy?


Gottman Method Therapy is an effective and scientifically research based approach to couple therapy. With over 35 years experience, Drs. John and Julie Gottman have studied thousands of couples and developed specific interventions to help them navigate through the rocky waters of marital strife to solid land. This therapy incorporates a comprehensive assessment, evaluation and feedback of your current relationship. Collaboration with a trained therapist will help you develop a better understanding of each other, gain insight into your relationship and offer you the opportunity to strengthen loving bonds. To learn more about Gottman Method Therapy click here.


How Will Gottman Method Couples Therapy Help Us?


Conflicts and struggles have a way of overshadowing the goodness of your partner and your relationship and are usually the trigger for seeking counseling. Actually, conflicts are part of a normal, healthy relationship and research has shown that happily married couples have just as much conflict as distressed couples. The determining factor for happiness is not the amount of conflict, but rather how the couple handles conflict. Therapy can help you connect in more open, honest and loving ways. In therapy you will learn how to:

Learn to treat each other more respectfully and collaboratively

Gain a clearer understanding of your partner’s message

Rebuild trust and loving connections

Improve and build your friendship

Understand the triggers that escalate unproductive conflict





How To Complain Without Hurting Your Parnter's Feelings

How To Build Trust

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